Kelly Willenberg

Meet Kelly

Dr. Willenberg is the owner of Kelly Willenberg, LLC. Kelly owns a company that specializes in healthcare research compliance. Kelly has a nursing degree from the University of Alabama, and a Doctorate in Business from California Coast University. Kelly is the mother of fraternal twin daughters and has four grandchildren. Kelly is a frequent speaker/trainer on healthcare compliance issues, grief, loss and has been recognized with awards as the highest rated speaker at conferences across the Globe. Kelly is an author, editor, writer, blogger, and serves on the Board of Directors for the Health Care Compliance Association. Three years ago, Kelly’s husband was tragically killed in a hit and run bicycling accident. Since that time and upon the donation of his organs to help others, Kelly has not only been involved in the push for tougher distracted driving laws, but has been appointed to the OPTN Lung Transplantation Committee at the National level. Kelly has lobbied and testified before lawmakers on a variety of topics including oncology nursing and distracted driving. She serves on the Small Business Regulatory Review Committee for the State of South Carolina. Kelly works to honor her husband’s untimely death and helps others as they struggle with loss, grief and the unexpected. Kelly plans to unpack the hard stuff in her new podcast series “Kelly to the Core”. Her goal is to bring attention to the crisis in healthcare, while helping to advance policy on handsfree driving, lack of access, fraud and abuse, and disparities in healthcare.

Kelly to the Core Podcast


Join Kelly as she unpacks the hard stuff on her podcast series Kelly to the Core! Kelly will have new topics in healthcare, social issues, running a business and things that may shock you! Listen in as Kelly and her guests talk about challenges and the real world that we live in today!