Meet Kelly

Dr. Kelly M. Willenberg lives in Greenville, South Carolina. She is an oncology nurse who owns a healthcare compliance company. After growing up in Indiana, she moved to Alabama as a teenager, and graduated from one of campuses of the University of Alabama. Her parents have been married for over 60 years and she has one sister. She is mother to adult twin daughters and has four grandchildren. After she had twins, she served on the Board of Directors for Multiples of America and worked to advance multiple birth related issues worldwide.

Tragically, Kelly’s husband died in a hit and run cycling accident in 2017. Since that time, she has been an advocate for handsfree driving and has worked to help advance legislation on that issue. After his death and the donation of his organs to help others, Kelly has not only been involved in the push for tougher distracted driving laws, but has been appointed to the OPTN Lung Transplantation Committee nationally.

Kelly is an author, professor, blogger, and podcaster. She serves on the Board of Directors for Health Care Compliance Association. She serves on the Small Business Regulatory Review Committee for the State of South Carolina. Kelly works to honor her husband’s untimely death and helps others as they struggle with loss, grief and the unexpected. As a Republican, she would like to see more women elected who have a passion for the issues facing women today including healthcare, childcare, access to care, and the rights and challenges for nurses today. Join Kelly as she explores these and many of issues in the Ology of Kelly and podcast Kelly to the Core!