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Finding My Black Sheep

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It’s been nearly a year since the beginning of the Pandemic. Connecting with other people is different for everyone. As a person who traveled every week prior to COVID, I have found myself at home for nearly a year with time to write, blog and create a new podcast series. Relationships have taken on a new meaning to most people, and certainly for me. I have taught my 80 year old parents how to Zoom and use Google Duo. There were days when I felt as though I needed to connect with someone, anyone on Zoom, because the loneliness was enormous. Now, I am finding new ways to connect, thus the new website and podcast series.  By adjusting how I do business, I realized I love to “talk” to others through the new methods that I was forced to use last March. Last summer I had the honor of being in a small working group for a new book launch by Brant Menswar titled, “Black Sheep – Unleash the Extraordinary, Awe-Inspiring, Undiscovered You”  During the weekly sessions with people that I did not know, I discovered there were things in my life that truly mattered to me that I wasn’t conscious of.  Those connections that I was missing were an elephant in the room. But to be authentic to myself as I worked through the book and the group exercised, I realized I needed to feed my sheep and find that black sheep that was rising up.  I found out things about myself I did not know. I need bold connections with other people and I thrive on it. Fear does not stop me. I have a zealous perseverance in my purpose which is a form of energy for me.  By activating these values and speaking them daily into my activities, I began to realize what was my black sheep. What makes you happy? I suggest you order this book, as it has brought me here today. Join me as I show you how I will be creating bold connections through zealous perseverance with a gracious attitude in my podcast series and through this new website. Listen to Kelly to the Core and see what I am about!